Polymorphism of Cocoa Butter

Polymorphism of Cocoa Butter

May 16, 2021Jacob Kaya
Some chocolate tempering notes taken while reading the “Chocolate & Confections” book by Peter Greweling.⁣

The curves explains the 6 crystal forms of chocolate, where we are aiming for the 5th form (V). The tempering curve is a guide for tempering dark chocolate. ⁣

If you like us are wondering why you would go below 29C to begin with it’s because the V form won’t form spontaneously between 29-34C. ⁣

But remember it is only a guide - all chocolates are different - and that’s what makes this so much fun.

Melting temperatures:⁣
I - 17.3C⁣
II - 23.3C⁣
III - 25.5C⁣
IV - 27.3C⁣
V - 33.8C⁣
VI - 36.3C⁣

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