Returned home from a trip to Panama with a suitcase full of cacao beans, our founder Jacob started in his kitchen with 1kg of cacao beans and a coffee roaster. The first experiments were done in the wooden attic of his own apartment. Now, later, in our production in Copenhagen, we work intensively on creating the best possible bean-to-bar chocolate production.

Slave free chocolate

We invest significant resources in sourcing cacao beans from local farms cultivated under ethical and sustainable conditions, free of slave and child labor.

Additionally, we actively support cacao agroforestry initiatives to combat both cacao and forest extinction.

Honest chocolate. Artistic science.

Science and artistry goes hand in hand when making chocolate at Mellow. We aspire to expresss the natural aromas and taste notes, while maintaining the natural benefits, that dark chocolate contain. This includes a selection of natural and unrefined ingredients, treated gently throughout the chocolate production to maintain antioxydants, vitamins and minerals.

1. Cacao Farming

The cacao beans are cared and farmed at one of our collaborative farms around the world.

2. Fermentation

After harvest, the cacao is fermented in multiple stages to achieve the best quality and taste.

3. Drying

After fermentation, the cacao beans have to be dried before they can be packaged.

4. Sorting

The last step at the farms before the cacao gets shipped to us. Is that they get sorted through a quality check.

5. Roasting

Once we receive the cacao, we roast it with care for each type of bar to extract all the natural flavours.

6. Cracking & Winnowing

Hereafter we crack the beans open and remove the shells from the cocoa nibs used for chocolate.

7. Refining & Conching

Cocoa nibs and cane sugar are refined and conched into the final chocolate.

8. Tempering & Moulding

Once we have refined the mixture, we temper the chocolate and mold it into shape.

9. Wrapping

Lastly we wrap the bars in our special packaging and get them ready for their new home.

We aim to #raisethebar

Jacob founded Mellow with a goal of producing chocolate of the cleanest and finest quality, from just two ingredients: Thoughtfully cultivated cacao beans and natural unrefined sugar.

Our processes, products and goals stem from a sustainable mindset of working with ethical cacao farmers, organic ingredients and plastic-free packaging.

We develop our processes from a scientific view with the intention of maintaining the high amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in the hand-picked cacao beans.

We aim to inspire people by crafting well-designed products with the help of local creative souls.