Made in Denmark

We produce high-end single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate following ethical and scientific principles. All processing of cacao beans into chocolate is done by hand at our craft shop in Copenhagen.

Slave free chocolate

We work with single origins cocoa beans from some of the best farmers and social cooperatives in the world.

We go to great lengths to source cocoa beans from local farmers that are grown under ethical and sustainable conditions. Free of slave- and child-labour.

We support cocoa agroforestry to avoid cocoa extinction.

We wrap our chocolate bars in hand-made, biodegradable paper.

Two-ingredient chocolate

We first source raw, unroasted cocoa beans from single origin farmers and plantations. We hand sort the beans and develop low temperature roasting profiles to bring out the subtle and often delicate flavour characteristics naturally present in the beans from each origin.

Our beans are then combined with an unrefined cane sugar in a traditional melanger, tempered, and filled into molds by hand. All our recipes are based on just two ingredients; ethical beans & cane sugar.

Cocoa agroforestry

The cocoa industry is one of the most exposed agro-industries worldwide. Many farmers use a slash-and-burn technique, where deforestation occurs to plant cocoa monocultures - plantations with solely cocoa trees. This uses all the nutrients and dries the soil and will again lead to more deforestation. This generates a loss in cocoa tree biodiversity that becomes more vulnerable to climate changes, different diseases and pests.

Plastic free, hand-made packaging

All our products are wrapped into plastic free packaging with a unique story.

Our bars are first wrapped by hand into a reusable metallic foil, followed by hand-made lokta-papers. The paper is made by a woman collective that peels off the bark of the lokta tree, and thereby avoids forrest shedding. The bark grows back out next year forming the perfect ecosystem for papermaking. Each paper is colored by natural resources such as spices, roots and other natural materials.

Our labels, kraft boxes & cotton bags are all reusable.

What we do differently

For these reasons we are only working with farmers that prioritise rare cocoa varieties providing less yield, but better taste and thereby supports the threatened cocoa biodiversity. Furthermore, they grow the cocoa in symbiotic plantations together with banana, plantain, coconut and more to avoid the use of deforestation and loss of biodiversity.