Moroccan Mint Hot Chocolate

139,00 kr

Our bean-to-cup single origin cocoa brew with Moroccan mint tea. Trinitario & criollo cacao varieties are grown at the Dominican Republic's Öko Caribe. Roasted on a light and slow roasting profile to express notes of Cherry, Coffee and Lemon. In combination with Moroccan mint the hot chocolate has an After Eight wibe to it.

Suggested brewing method - melt 25g hot chocolate and mix in 160mL of chosen milk. Mix over low heat until chocolate and milk is immersed. Strain the Moroccan mint when pouring into a cup and enjoy. Find other brew guides here.

Net weight: 235g

How to use - brew guide

A rich & authentic cup of hot chocolate.

Mix 25g of hot chocolate with 150mL of prefered milk. Heat up to 65-75°C while stirring. We like to steam the milk to make it extra frothy.

Single origin hot chocolate

Based on only two ingredients - cocoa beans & cane sugar. A powerfull cup of hot chocolate with natural tasting notes of the lightly roasted cocoa beans.