Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

139,00 kr

Our bean-to-cup gingerbread hot chocolate. A dark hot chocolate, mixed with gingerbread spices, to create a rich and spiced cup of hot chocolate. Perfect for a snowy winter day or a cozy evening where you just want a taste of nostalgia.

Suggested brewing method - melt 25g hot chocolate and mix in 160mL of chosen milk. Mix over low heat until chocolate and milk is immersed. Strain the Moroccan mint when pouring into a cup and enjoy. Find other brew guides here.

Net weight: 235g

How to use - brew guide

A rich & authentic cup of hot chocolate.

Mix 25g of hot chocolate with 150mL of prefered milk. Heat up to 65-75°C while stirring. We like to steam the milk to make it extra frothy.

Single origin hot chocolate

Based on only two ingredients - cocoa beans & cane sugar. A powerfull cup of hot chocolate with natural tasting notes of the lightly roasted cocoa beans.