Cherry Blossoms

49,00 kr

Introducing our enchanting Floral Collection, an ode to the spring awakening of nature.

Every year, around April, thousands of cherry blossom trees transform the city of Copenhagen into a pink wonderland, promising the arrival of long-awaited spring after a Danish winter. This time of year inspired us to create our Cherry Blossoms bar to capture the essence of spring.

The base of this bar is our signature 70% Kokoa Kamili dark chocolate. To elevate this classic, we have delicately sprinkled it with organic cherry blossom powder from Kanagawa, Japan. The gentle tasting notes of apricot, coffee, and mandarin are awakened by a layer of floral sweetness and hints of cinnamon and almond.

Crafted with care and passion, our limited Floral Collection is a celebration of nature's beauty. Experience the essence of spring in every bite and try our Rose Petals bar too, to taste the entire flower bouquet we've made for you. 


Net weight: 53g

  • cacao beans*
  • cane sugar*
  • cherry blossoms*

*certified organic

May contain nuts.

Base chocolate: apricot, coffee, mandarin.

Cherry Blossoms: floral, cinnamon, almond.

  • Direct trade
  • Organic
Introducing the farmer

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

In the small village of Mbingu, nestled within the Kilombero Valley and approximately a 15-hour drive from Tanzania's capital, lies the Kokoa Kamili cooperative, surrounded by exceptionally fertile soil. Today, Kokoa Kamili collaborates with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, paying them a premium for their wet cocoa while also overseeing the fermentation and drying processes. The farmers of Kokoa Kamili have been practicing organic farming by default for generations. These are just a few among many reasons why we are proud to produce chocolate based on Kokoa Kamili beans.