Black Oats, Fields of Denmark

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A vegan milk chocolate based on Danish oats.

Black oats are ground together with Öko Caribe cocoa beans to form a vegan chocolate bar. The old grain variety brings a mild and flavourful addition to the chocolate. Handcrafted, gently roasted and slowly conched, enhancing the natural qualities of the black oats & cocoa beans.


Cocoa formulation 58% Criollo & Trinitario cocoa.

Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, wholegrain black oats & cocoa butter.

Key procedures Wholegrain black oats are blended into a fresh batch Öko Caribe chocolate to form smooth vegan chocolate.

Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.

Net weight: 53g

  • Cocoa beans*
  • Cane sugar*
  • Black oats*
  • Cocoa butter*

*Organic Ingredients

A vegan milk chocolate based on Danish oats. Resulting in a balanced and sweet milk chocolate bar.

  • Direct Trade
  • Organic

Fields of Denmark

A while back we wanted to develop a milk chocolate bar based on natural wild Danish ingredeints. We added the old grain variety of Black Oats and was blown away from its subtle sweet and simple flavour. We finished it off by dropping some black oats on the back of the bar.

From bean-to-bar in Copenhagen