8 Bar Chocolate Gift Box

398,00 kr

What could be a better gift than a box filled with our favorite premium chocolate bars, handcrafted in Copenhagen, ethically sourced, using only a few high-quality ingredients, bringing maximum joy to you without any secrets? Surprise someone important or treat yourself!

The most special thing about single-origin, two-ingredient & special inclusion chocolate is the intensity of flavor in every bite. For the full experience of enjoying the distinct natural flavors in small-batch chocolate, we suggest trying the bars side by side to fully appreciate their unique taste profiles and complexities.

8-Bars for you and your loved ones

We've chosen 8 of our favorite bars, but feel free to make any adjustments in the notes section: 

Peanut Butter & Jelly


Olive Oil

Sea Salt 


Coconut Milk

Black Oats 

Kokoa Kamili

Net weight: 424g

A gift for the adventurous

A perfect introduction to the world of bean-to-bar chocolate. Choose any combination of bars to spoil the adventurous with freshly crafted chocolate bars.

From bean-to-box

Precision in every step - from the raw beans to the wrapped gift box.