74% Bejofo Estate, Madagascar

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Our two-ingredient Bejofo Estate bar is full of classical Madagascan citrus flavour. It is made of cocoa beans and cane sugar - that's it. It is very typical Madagascan cocoa notes, with strong in clean taste.

We have sorted the beans, roasted them, cracked & winnowed, ground and conched and finally tempered, moulded and wrapped it into chocolate bars. All steps done in small batches at our workshop in Copenhagen. 

Net weight: 53g

  • Cocoa beans*
  • Cane sugar*

*Organic Ingredients

A refreshing chocolate bar with tasting notes of pineapple and citrus.

  • Direct Trade
  • Organic
Introducing the farmer

Bejofo Estate, Madagascar

In the fertile soils of the Ambanja district, part of the Sambirano valley we find the Bejofo Estate owned by Bertil Åkesson since 1998. Prior to this it was governmentally owned, similarly to every other plantation in Madagascar. Ever since then the mission has been to bring out the highest quality of each crop that grows on the plantation. The cocoa mainly consists of Trinitario trees that have been brought to the island by the French, and a minor part of the Criollo cocoa variety. Over the years Bertil has played a large role in elevating the standards towards high quality cocoa. The cocoa from Bejofo contains the delicate acidic citrus flavours that a lot of Madagascan cocoa has been known for.
Two-Ingredient Chocolate
Ethical Cocoa
Small Batch Chocolate
Crafted in Denmark

Technical Data

Bejofo Estate
  • Origin: Bejofo Estate, Sambirano, Madagascar
  • Cocoa Variety: Trinitario & Criollo
  • Harvest Season: Oct-Jan

  • Fermentation Process: 3-tier wooden boxes
  • Fermentation Time: 6 days
  • Fermentation method: Spontaneous Fermentation
  • Drying method: Sundried, wooden beds
  • Drying time: 7-14 days
  • Bean size: 82 beans pr 100 gram