70% Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

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Our two-ingredient Kokoa Kamili bar was our very first chocolate bar ever developed. It is made of ethical cocoa beans and cane sugar - nothing more, nothing less. It is very pure fruity flavour and a classical Tanzanian chocolate bar. 
We have sorted the beans, roasted them, cracked & winnowed, ground and conched and finally tempered, moulded and wrapped it into chocolate bars. All steps done in small batches at our workshop in Copenhagen. 
Net weight: 53g


  • Cocoa beans*
  • Cane sugar*

*Organic Ingredients

A gentle chocolate bar with tasting notes of apricot, coffee and mandarin.

  • Direct Trade
  • Organic
Introducing the farmer

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

In the small village of Mbingu within the Kilombero Valley, about a 15 hour drive from Tanzania's capital lies the Kokoa Kamili cooperative surrounded by exceptionally fertile soil. Today, Kokoa Kamili works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, to whom they pay a premium for their wet cocoa, while performing their own fermentation and drying. Historically, farmers in the Kilombero Valley received some of the lowest prices for cocoa in the country, yet in Kokoa Kamili's first year alone, Kilombero farmers were paid the highest prices in Tanzania for their cocoa. This is among many other reasons why we are proud to produce chocolate based on Kokoa Kamili beans.
Two-Ingredient Chocolate
Ethical Cocoa
Small Batch Chocolate
Crafted in Denmark

Technical Data

Kokoa Kamili
  • Origin: Mbingu Village, Tanzania
  • Cocoa Variety: Trinitario
  • Harvest Season: Sep-Dec
  • Fermentation Process: 3-tier wooden boxes
  • Fermentation Time: 7 days
  • Fermentation method: Wild Fermentation
  • Drying method: Sundried, wooden beds
  • Drying time: 6 days average
  • Bean size: 95 beans pr 100 gram