Seaweed, Kattegat

49,00 kr

A daring chocolate bar with umami & natural sea minerals.

We source the cocoa beans for this bar from the social cooperative Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Handcrafted, gently roasted and slowly conched. Once tempered and in the mold, we add wild Nordic sea belt seaweed from the Kattegat Sea providing umami and natural mineral sea salt to this bean-to-bar chocolate.


Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & wild seaweed.

Key procedures Freshly harvested sea belt seaweed is sun-dried by the Kattegat Sea, ground and added to the tempered chocolate bar.

Cocoa formulation 70% trinitario cocoa.


Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.

Net weight: 53g

  • Direct trade
  • Organic